Shops and Offices

Commercial Painters in Kent

Whether it is initial painting of a new office or shop or its repainting during occupation, Prime Decorating Ltd has the experience and expertise to offer commercial customers exactly what they require. Professional painting and hanging of wall-coverings carried out in an efficient and convenient way with minimum disruption to business are the important points in decorating of offices and shops. We use the most advanced power sanders available to efficiently sand every type of surface down to get a smooth, flawless base ready for decoration. These sanders are attached to a vacuum extraction unit and the large amounts of dust usually created are sucked into a bag within the unit which is safely disposed of. The action of erecting a dust screen can be erected if required.

Painting Offices

We have worked in many different office environments over the past thirty years –large and small–solicitors, architects, estate agents, designers, dentists and doctors, film companies, surveyors and engineers –we list all these among our customers. We are able to schedule work around the customers own working schedule so as to cause as little or no downtime as possible for their business—even if this means working through the night, on Bank Holidays and at weekends. We realize how important continuity of business is and do our best to accommodate customers individual needs.

Painting Shops

Here again business continuity can be of utmost importance and we are able to carry out work during closing hours—leaving the shop clean and ready for business as usual each day during the work wherever possible. It is often the case that shops have a limited time window to carry out repainting and we can facilitate this by adding more painters to get the work done as quickly as possible. We are able to provide testimonials from commercial customers as to the quality of our work and the convenience of our service.

We carry out a wide range of services throughout the building industry with competitive prices. We pride ourselves with the high standards of our work, commitment to our customers.

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